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Aspire Counseling Services was featured on Fox 58 News responding to a CDC report highlighting the increase in heroin-related deaths.

                                              to Aspire Counseling Services, located in Bakersfield, CA. We provide continued care and support through an effective intensive outpatient program that serves both men and women suffering from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our goal at Aspire Counseling Services is to help our clients develop the skills and relationships necessary to sustain long-term recovery from alcohol and/or drug use.

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Aspire Counseling Services hosts a team of trained professionals ready to meet the needs of clients and their families.

Aspire Counseling Services offers various services to meet our clients' treatment needs and goals.

"Transforming lives impacted by addiction and substance use through compassionate, evidence-based treatment that is personalized to fit each individual's needs."

We work with teens, adults, and their families to transform lives affected by addiction.

Sometimes the ones who say the least are often times affected most by a loved one's addiction.