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FAQ for Aspire Behavioral Health

Aspire Behavioral Health offers two Intensive Outpatient Programs that feature comprehensive and effective approach to treating people who are seeking an effective solution to regain positive, independent and normal lives.

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Who does Aspire Behavioral Health treat?

We treat adults and adolescents [ages 14-17]

How long is the treatment program?

The program length varies by participant and depends on several factors including insurance coverage stipulations.

Does everyone receive the same treatment?

Each person receives a customized treatment plan developed for their specific situation.

Is my life going to be completely disrupted while I am in treatment?

Not at all. The intention and design of the program is that you maintain much of your current routine. Therapy is usually 3 hrs a day, 3 days a week.

What do we do for 3 hours?

While everyone has an individual treatment plan, here is a sample schedule.
Aspire Behavioral Health Sample Schedule for IOP

What is different about Aspire?

We see the whole person. Our treatment incorporates several interconnected techniques including Mindfulness, Yoga/art, Holistic Wellness, Group and individual one-on-one sessions.

Are the therapists experienced?

Absolutely. Our therapists are all highly trained, licensed, and bring years of successful therapy to the relationship.

The big question… does Aspire therapy work?

Yes. It really does. Aspire has proven results. The goal is to stabilize the immediate needs and provide long term, life enhancing results.

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